Who are we?

Our company originates from the village Zázrivá amidst the pristine nature of the Slovak region of Orava, where the artistry and traditions of cheesemakers are kept alive since ever. Among Slovak people cheese used to play an important role as ancient ritual food – a fact that compels us to continue the long standing tradition of artisan cheesemaking. We strive to keep the time-tested methods of our ancestors alive while complying with strict European and Slovak hygiene regulations.

Why does our cheese taste so good?

Our products charm you thanks to our production methods. All cheese is made from delicious fresh milk of Slovak origin. Our first and foremost advantage is the wisdom and expertise inherited from our ancestors, who dedicated their entire lives to cheesemaking. That is why there is also a cultural and historical aspect to our products. 

Our work is still as hard and honest as the work of our ancestors
When choosing ingredients and suppliers we always look for the highest quality
To preserve the true taste of milk we use no chemical additives

All products are 100% natural without preservatives or other artificial additives.

Our awards and certificates

The milk from pastures as well as the long standing tradition of dairy farming (sheep, cows and goats) of the cheesemakers in the region of Liptov guarantees that our products will always taste the way they are supposed to and that they will meet all hygienic standards and regulations.
We require our suppliers to provide 100% quality of ingredients and to comply with all regulations.

If you are interested in our products, you can find them in our partner stores.